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He aquí la lista de TODO lo que pretendo publicar en este blog.
Esta lista deja muy en claro lo equivocado de la idea que se tiene acerca de Stanley Kubrick y su actitud de no conceder entrevistas. Concedió muchísimas!
En esta lista se encuentran entrevistas, artículos, press-releases, guiones publicados, cartas a editores y discursos públicos. Todo conserva su título en el el idioma oirginal.
Visto que no poseo todo en esta lista, la publico para pedir ayuda a quien tenga alguna copia de alguna o algo, y si lo posee, pues envíamela! (traducida, si se puede!). Gracias.
Raúl Lino Villanueva.

Snap Hundreds Says 'Boy Genius' (1946)[Arthur Juntunen, Detroit Free Press]
Camera Quiz Kid: Stan Kubrick (10/1948)[Mildred Stagg, The Camera]
Young Man With Ideas And A Camera (14/1/1951)[Thomas M Pryor, The New York Times]
By Way Of Report (29/6/1952)[AH Weiler, The New York Times]
Kubrick Another Boy Film Producer (27/3/1953)[Irene Thirer, New York Post]
Sultry New Siren And New All-Around Movie Wizard Spark Fear And Desire (8/4/1953)[People Today]
Of Pictures And People (23/5/1954)[AH Weiler, The New York Times]
(1957)[Gilles Jacob]
(1957)[Alexander Walker]
Bonjour Monsieur Kubrick (7/1957)[Raymond Haine, Cahiers Du Cinema #13.73]
Twenty-Nine And Running: The Director With Hollywood By The Horns Dissects The Movies (2/12/1957)[Simon Bourgin, Newsweek #50.23]
Conversation With Stanley Kubrick (Spring 1958)[Jay Varela, El Playano]
Lolita Bought By Screen Team (13/9/1958)[Oscar Godbout, The New York Times]
Very Funny Relationship (29/9/1958)[Time #72.13]
The Changing Face Of Hollywood (12/1958)[Joseph Laitin, CBS]
Film Fan To Film-Maker (12/10/1958)[Joanne Stang, The New York Times, Magazine]
Hollywood 'Rome' (22/3/1959)[Thomas M Pryor, The New York Times]
The Hollywood War Of Independence (Spring 1959)[Colin Young, Film Quarterly #12.3]
No Art And No Box Office (7/1959)[Dwight MacDonald, Encounter #13.1]
California Movie Morals: Hollywood Bypasses The Production Code (29/9/1959)[Jack Hamilton, Look #23.20]
Mr Disney And Mr Kubrick (12/1960)[The Insider's Newsletter]
(1960)[Bob Thomas, Associated Press]
The Artist Speaks For Himself: Stanley Kubrick (1960)[Robert Emmett Ginna, The Odyssey Begins, Entertainment Weekly #480 (9/4/1999); Robert Emmett Ginna, A Film Odyssey, The Guardian, Friday Review (16/7/1999)]
Teenager Will Play Lolita: She's Sue Lyon Of TV Show (27/9/1960)[Louella O Parsons, Los Angeles Examiner]
Schoolgirl Gets Lead In Lolita (28/9/1960)[Eugene Archer, The New York Times]
$12million Risk Taken By Douglas (29/9/1960)[Philip K Scheuer, Los Angeles Times]
Hailed In Farewell: Spartacus Gets Praise Of Pleased Director (2/10/1960)[Eugene Archer, The New York Times]
Nymphet Found (10/10/1960)[Time #76.15]
Stanley Kubrick... Thirty-Two-Year-Old Director Of A $12,000,000 Movie (22/11/1960)[Look #24.24]
Interview With Kubrick (12/1960)[Charles Reynolds, Popular Photography #47.6]
Oriental Invasion On - But Peacefully (13/12/1960)[Philip K Scheuer, Los Angeles Times]
'Ban Lolita' Rumpus Before The Film Is Shown (1961)[Daily Express]
'Ban This Dangerous Film Lolita' (13/5/1961)[Robert Hill, Daily Sketch]
Vine St Looms As New Theater Row (9/1/1962)[Dick Williams, Los Angeles Times]
MGM To Release Lolita In Spring (14/2/1962)[Eugene Archer, The New York Times]
An Interview With Stanley Kubrick Director Of Lolita (1962)[Terry Southern, An Interview With Stanley Kubrick, The Stanley Kubrick Archives (2005)]
The East: Kubrick's And Sellers' New Film (6/5/1962)[AH Weiler, The New York Times]
How To Make A Film That Can't Be Made (25/5/1962)[Peter Bunzel, Life #52.21]
Meet Sue: Here's Our Lolita (6/1962)[Rose Pelswick, New York Journal-American]
Really The Real Lolita? (10/6/1962)[Joe Morgenstern, The Sunday New York Herald Tribune]
Sue Lyon: Star Of The Year's Most Controversial Movie - Lolita (17/7/1962)[Jack Hamilton, Look #26.15 (1963)[Jack Piler, Variety] (1963)[David Lewin, Daily Express]
Kubrick's Sellers Takes Four Parts (7/3/1963)[Philip K Scheuer, Los Angeles Times]
Stanley Kubrick And Dr Strangelove (13/3/1963)[Elaine Dundy, Queen]
'Nerve Center' For A Nuclear Nightmare (21/4/1963)[Leon Minoff, The New York Times]
Kubrick Ci Parla Del Suo Film Su Un Generale Demente Che Scatena La Guerra Atomica (29/4/1963)[Giorgio Fanti, Paese Sera]
Kubrick Explains 'Movie Of Absurd' (2/5/1963)[Philip K Scheuer, Los Angeles Times]
A Bombastic Bit Of Irony Is Ready To Be Let Loose (9/6/1963)[Flora Lewis, The Washington Post]
Atomic Bomb Spoof - Grin And Bear It (16/6/1963)[Gerard Fay, Los Angeles Times]
The Ubiquitous Multifarious Sellers (23/6/1963)[Flora Lewis, The New York Times]
Anthony Quinn Having Ball In Paris (23/8/1963)[Dorothy Kilgallen, The Washington Post]
The Bomb And Stanley Kubrick (11/1963)[Lyn Tornabene, Cosmopolitan]
A Conversation (1964)[Joseph Heller, The Stanley Kubrick Archives (2005)]
Les Sentiers De La Gloire(12/1963)[Cahiers Du Cinema #150/151]
Sex And Dr Strangelove (1964)[Anthony F Mackin, Film Comment #3.3]
How To Learn To Love World Destruction (26/1/1964)[Eugene Archer, The New York Times]
The Astonishing Stanley Kubrick (2/1964)[Peter Lyon, Holiday #35.2]
Direct Hit (3/2/1964)[Newsweek #63.5]
What Makes Kubrick Laugh? It's The Bomb (9/2/1964)[Don Alpert, Los Angeles Times]
The Strange Case Of Strangelove (13/3/1964)[Loudon Wainright, Life #56.11]
Ten Questions To Nine Directors: Stanley Kubrick (Spring 1964)[Sight And Sound #33.2]
How Mr Kubrick Learned To Stop Worrying (11/12/1964)[Alexander Walker, Evening Standard]
Somebody Up There Likes Me I Hope (11/1965)[Philip Oakes] (1965)[The Sunday Times, Magazine] (1965)[Herald Tribune]
Strangelove First Planned As Serious Film (21/1/1965)[Los Angeles Times]
Beyond The Blue Horizon (21/2/1965)[AH Weiler, The New York Times]
Beyond The Stars (24/4/1965)[Jeremy Bernstein, The New Yorker #41]
Is It Strangelove? Is It Buck Rogers? Is It The Future?: Offbeat Director In Outer Space (16/1/1966)[Hollis Alpert, The New York Times, Magazine]
2001: An Informal Diary Of An Infernal Machine (7/1966)[Clancy Sigal, Town]
Kubrick Farther Out (12/9/1966)[Henry T Simmons, Newsweek #58.11]
How About A Little Game? (12/11/1966)[Jeremy Bernstein, The New Yorker #42]
Interview With Stanley Kubrick (27/11/1966)[Jeremy Bernstein, The Stanley Kubrick Archives (2005)]
The Territorial Imperative Of Stanley Kubrick (Spring 1968)[Books]
Picture Of A Girl On Her Way To The Moon 33 Years From Now (12/3/1968)[Alexander Walker, Evening Standard] (1/4/1968)[Loew's Capitol, New York]
In 2001 Will Love Be A Seven-Letter Word? (14/4/1968)[William Kloman, The New York Times, Section Two]
Kazan Kubrick And Keaton (28/4/1968)[AH Weiler, The New York Times]
2001 And Hair - Are They The Groove Of The Future? (12/5/1968)[William Kloman, The New York Times]
Filming 2001: A Space Odyssey (6/1968)[Herb A Lightman, American Cinematographer]
Front-Projection For 2001: A Space Odyssey (6/1968)[Herb A Lightman, American Cinematographer]
Kubrick Talks About 2001 (4/6/1968)[Joseph Gelmis, Newsday]
An Interview With Stanley Kubrick (1970)[Joseph Gelmis, The Film Director As Superstar]
Stanley Kubrick Raps (8/1968)[Charlie Kohler, The East Village Eye]
Playboy Interview: Stanley Kubrick (9/1968)[Eric Norden, Playboy #15.9]
Le Second Berceau De La Vie (23/9/1968)[Yvette Romi, Le Nouvel Observateur]
Entretien Avec Stanley Kubrick (12/1968-1/1969)[Renaud Walter, Positif #100-101]
A Talk With Stanley Kubrick About 2001 (1/1969)[Maurice Rapf, Action #4.1]
Kubrick Watches Bronfman's Flight (18/8/1969)[Joyce Haber, Los Angeles Times]
The Making Of Kubrick's 2001 (1970)[Jerome Agel]
(1971)[Victor Davis, Daily Express]
Stanley Kubrick Directs (1971)[Alexander Walker]
Mind's Eye: A Clockwork Orange (5/1971)[John Hofsess, Take One #3.5]
A Feast And About Time (20/12/1971)[Judith Crist, New York]
Kubrick: Degrees Of Madness (20/12/1971)[Jay Cocks, Time #98.25]
Kubrick Country (25/12/1971)[Penelope Houston, Saturday Review #54.52]
Kubrick (Winter 1971)[Gene D Phillips, Film Comment #7.4]
Kubrick's Brilliant Vision (3/1/1972)[Paul D Zimmerman, Newsweek #79.1]
Kubrick Tells What Makes Clockwork Orange Tick (4/1/1972)[Bernard Weinraub, The New York Times]
A Clockwork Utopia: Semi-Scrutable Stanley Kubrick Discusses His New Film (20/1/1972)[Andrew Bailey, Rolling Stone #100]
Nice Boy From The Bronx? (30/1/1972)[Craig McGregor, The New York Times, Section Two]
Kubrick's Creative Concern (13/2/1972)[Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune]
Kubrick: "Chacun De Nous Tue Et Viole" (17/4/1972)[Michel Ciment, L'Express; English version: Michel Ciment, First Interview: A Clockwork Orange, Kubrick (1982)]
Interview With Stanley Kubrick (Spring 1972)[Philip Strick and Penelope Houston, Sight And Sound #41.2
A Propos De Orange Mechanique (6/1972)Michel Ciment, Positif #139; English version: Michel Ciment, First Interview: A Clockwork Orange, Kubrick (1982)]
[untitled] (8/1972)[Helena Faltysova, Film A Doba #18.8]
Stop The World: Stanley Kubrick (1973)[Gene D Phillips, The Movie Makers: Artists In An Industry]
Stanley Kubrick: A Film Odyssey (1975)[Gene D Phillips]
Kubrick's Grandest Gamble: Barry Lyndon (15/12/1975)[Richard Schickel, Time #106.24]
Kubrick A L'Express: "Je Suis Un Detective De L'Histoire" (30/8/1976)[Michel Ciment, L'Express; English version: Michel Ciment, Second Interview: Barry Lyndon, Kubrick (1982)]
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Barry Lyndon (11/1/1976)[John Hofsess, The New York Times]
Filmen Ist Detektivarbeit (13/9/1976)[Der Spiegel #38]
Superman: Leaping Tall Budgets (6/4/1978)[Roderick Mann, Los Angeles Times]
The Man Of Many Myths (1980)[Alexander Walker, The Sunday Telegraph, Magazine]
(23/5/1980)[Alexander Walker, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner]
Stanley Kubrick's Horror Show (26/5/1980)[Jack Kroll, Newsweek #95.21]
Kubrick: Critics Be Damned (28/5/1980)[John Hofsess, Soho News]
Shining And Empire Set Records (28/5/1980)[Aljean Harmetz, The New York Times]
Which Version Did The Critics See? (17/6/1980)[Fred Yager, Associated Press]
Stanley Kubrick Parle De Peter Sellers (1980)[Robert Benayoun, Stanley Kubrick: Dossier Positif-Rivages (1987)]
Kubrick: "Tous Les Fous N'Ont Pas L'Air D'Etre Fous" (20/10/1980)[Robert Benayoun, Le Point #422]
Il Faut Courir Le Risque De Subtilite: Une Rencontre Avec Stanley Kubrick (23/10/1980)[Patricia Moraz, Le Monde]
Oui Il Y A Des Revenants (25/10/1980)[Michel Ciment, L'Express; English version: Michel Ciment, Third Interview: The Shining, Kubrick (1982)]

Gansehaut Der Luxusklasse (11/1980)[Wolf Kohl, Cinema (Germany)]
(20/12/1980)[Vicente Molina Foix, El Pais #2.59; English version: Vicente Molina Foix, An Interview With Stanley Kubrick, The Stanley Kubrick Archives (2005)]
Peter Sellers: The Authorized Biography (1981)[Alexander Walker]
Cinque Film Contro Rambo (17/12/1986)[Romano Giacchetti, La Repubblica] (1987)[Francoise Maupin, Le Figaro]
Es Ist Ein Gluck Das Der Krieg So Furchterlich Ist (10/1987)[Maria Harlan, Cinema (Germany)]
Stanley Kubrick's War Realities (21/6/1987)[Alexander Walker, Los Angeles Times]
Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam (21/6/1987)[Francis X Clines, The New York Times]
Candidly Kubrick (21/6/1987)[Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune]
Vietnam On Thames (25/6/1980)[Alexander Walker, Evening Standard, Metro]
Actor Sterling Hayden Dead At Age 70 (25/5/1986)[Associated Press]
I'm Always Surprised By The Reactions To My Films (26/6/1987)[Jay Scott, The Toronto Globe And Mail]
Stanley Kubrick At A Distance: The Director Does Vietnam His Way - In London (28/6/1987)[Lloyd Grove, The Washington Post]
1968: Kubrick's Vietnam Odyssey (29/6/1987)[Jack Kroll, Newsweek #109.26]
Kubrick's Odyssey (7/1987)[Alexander Walker, High Life]
Kubrick Disputes Label Of Eccentric Recluse (10/7/1987)[Donna Rosenthal, Houston Chronicle]
The Rolling Stone Interview: Stanley Kubrick (27/8/1987)[Tim Cahill, Rolling Stone]
Heavy Metal: Full Metal Jacket Or How Stanley Kubrick's Marines Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Vietnam (9/1987)[Penelope Gilliatt, American Film #12.10]
Kubrick's War (17/10/1987)[Gordon Campbell, New Zealand Listener]
Un Entretien Avec Le Realisteur De Full Metal Jacket: Le Vietnam De Stanley Kubrick (20/10/1987)[Daniele Heymann, Le Monde]
Kubrick Enfin! (10/1987)[Michele Halberstadt, Premiere #127]
"Sind Sie Ein Misanthrop Mr Kubrick?": Gesprach Mit Dem Full Metal Jacket Regisseur (5/10/1987)[Hellmuth Karasek, Der Spiegel #41]
Kubrick Ubers Filmemachen (21/11/1987)[Florian Hopf, Frankfurter Rundschau]
The Professionals Reveal Essence Of Filmmaking (4/12/1988)[Gene Siskel, St Petersberg Times, Floridian]
Ich Wurde Liebend Gern Mehr Filme Machen (29/7/1993)[Josef Schneider, Die Weltwoche]
L'Entrevue (1994)[Jean-Marc Bouineau, Le Petit Livre De Stanley Kubrick]

Director's Notes (4/12/1960)[Stanley Kubrick, The Observer]
Words And Movies (Winter 1960)[Stanley Kubrick, Sight And Sound]
Why Sue (Lolita) Lyon Was Guarded As If Actress Was An Atomic Bomb (1962)[Stanley Kubrick, Lolita pressbook]
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Cinema (6/1963)[Stanley Kubrick, Films And Filming #9.9]
The Directors Choose The Best Films (8/1963)[Stanley Kubrick et al., Cinema (USA) #1.5] Why They'll Never Ban The Bomb (1/1964)[Stanley Kubrick, Show Time]
Foreword (1968)[Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey novel]
Notes On Special Effects For 2001: A Space Odyssey (9/1/1969)[Stanley Kubrick, Academy of Motion-Picture Arts and Sciences]
Introduction (1972)[Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange screenplay]
Kubrick Sur Full Metal Jacket (1987)[Michel Ciment and Stanley Kubrick, Kubrick; English version: Michel Ciment and Stanley Kubrick, Kubrick On Full Metal Jacket, Kubrick: The Definitive Edition (2001)]
Introduction (1991)[Stanley Kubrick, Decalogue: The Ten Commandments screenplay]

(1961)[re: One-Eyed Jacks resignation]
(8/1964)[re: Terry Southern and Dr Strangelove]
Stanley Kubrick To Film Journey Beyond The Stars In Cinerama For MGM (23/2/1965)[re: 2001]
(4/1965)[re: 2001]
(6/1968)[re: Napoleon]
(24/8/1972)[re: A Clockwork Orange]
(1976)[re: Barry Lyndon]
(1984)[re: Douglas Trumbell and 2001]
(5/1984)[re: Full Metal Jacket]
(26/7/1984)[re: James Mason tribute]
(1/1994)[re: Fear And Desire]
(Summer 1996)[re: Eyes Wide Shut]

A Clockwork Orange
(1972)[Stanley Kubrick]
The Shining (1980)[Stanley Kubrick and Diane Johnson]
Full Metal Jacket (1987)[Stanley Kubrick, Gustav Hasford, and Michael Herr]
Eyes Wide Shut (1999)[Stanley Kubrick and Frederic Raphael]

Le Sentiers De La Gloire: Pourquoi Avez-Vous Choisi Des Soldats Francais? (5/3/1959)[Stanley Kubrick, L'Express]
Mr Kubrick On: Lolita And The Press (24/6/1962)[Stanley Kubrick, The Observer]
Now Kubrick Fights Back (27/2/1972)[Stanley Kubrick, The New York Times, Section Two]
(9/4/1972)[Stanley Kubrick, Detroit News]

(12/2/1963) [Stanley Kubrick, Dorchester Hotel, London; Dr Strangelove press-conference]
Commander-1 (1965)[Stanley Kubrick, dustjacket blurb]
The Films Of Frank Capra (1977)[Stanley Kubrick, open letter]
(26/1/1978) [Stanley Kubrick et al., Variety; petition re: United Artists]
The Killer Inside Me (1965)[Stanley Kubrick, reissue cover blurb]
(6/1985) [Stanley Kubrick, National Film Theatre, London; Bill Rowe Tribute]
This Is Your Life: Arthur C Clarke (1994)[Stanley Kubrick, open letter]
(17/1/1994; unpublished)[Stanley Kubrick, re: Dr Strangelove 30th anniversary]
DW Griffith And His Wings Of Fortune (1997)[Stanley Kubrick, Directors Guild of America DW Griffith Award]
(1997) [Stanley Kubrick, Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica Leone d'Oro]

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